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Which Trek ?

There is so much one can do out there, I hope I can help you choose a trek that suits you.

Over the years I have enjoyed a variety of treks. Some were challenging and others less so, some were through lush green forests and others through barren wilderness and snow covered passes. On some of the routes you see many other trekkers on others hardly any. Each of these treks has an attraction of its own and I would like to share my thoughts with you so that you have a few more options to choose a trip to suit you.

There are so many wonderful places around the world that one can choose to trek in. I have enclosed a list of treks that will take you to a number of these places, including places like Sikkim, Darjeeling, Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, Peru, Patagonia and of course to my favourite regions around Mt. Everest.

A number of our treks take you close to three of the world’s highest mountains. Mt. Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga. I found the more challenging walks to these mountains being, The Everest Advance Base Camp 6530m in Tibet, The Khangshung Face of Everest in Tibet, The trek to Concordia close to the base camp of K2 and the High route to Kangchenjunga in Sikkim.

The less demanding trips with superb mountain views are the ones out of Darjeeling along the Singalila ridge combined with those to Guiche-la in Sikkim and to the Khumbu regions of Mt. Everest in Nepal. The walks in Ladakh are amazing for its ruggedness and remoteness and I would highly recommend these. My favourite walk in Peru is around the Cordillera Huayhuash. This makes a wonderful holiday – a combination of visiting the Inca ruins around Cusco, visiting Machu Picchu and then walking amongst picturesque mountains. The sheer size and wilderness of Patagonia is stunning for spectacular mountain views and glaciers.

Our journeys take you to Bhutan, the plains of India, China and Vietnam. Though we do offer tours (non-trekking holidays), we do like to include some walks where possible. For instance, we like to combine a tour of Bhutan say with a trek in Darjeeling and Sikkim – or a tour of Rajasthan, South India, and Tibet with walks in the Himalaya. These journeys offer you a variety of wonderful experiences. Because of the flights available, it is quite easy to fly into Beijing then travel across Tibet, trek in Sikkim and fly home out of Delhi. On a trip like that you can even drive up to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest in Tibet – as you may have seen Michael Palin do in his recent travel series on the Himalaya being shown on television.

Dream up a private journey for yourself, family and friends and let us know what you like to do and we will see if we can put together a holiday to suit you.