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Few words of appreciation from our trekking friends.

    • “Hi Mohan,

      You are the one truely successful man I know. Doing what you want, being with those you want and spreading enjoyment and fun along the way. Do come to the UK and spend time in London. Like the wild it does have its own singular merits.”

      - Freddie

      • “Greetings from Buenos Aires. We just finished trekking in Patagonia and it was FANTASTIC!!!! Great trip and very well organized. Lewis, the guide, was absolutely great!!!! In short, it was a great trip and many thanks for all your help. It all worked out well. All the best. Cheers.”

        - Lewis and Francois

        • “Dear Mohan,

          Thank you so much for a wonderful trip to India and Nepal. Even with all the time that has lapsed, whenever I catch up with the other guys from either trip, conversation inevitably turns to the amazing experience that was had by us all.

          I have to remark at the beauty of Darjeeling and Sikkim. Being an enthusiast of the outdoors, I especially loved the trek through Sikkim.

          Best wishes and kind regards”

          - Clinton Ross

          • “Hello Mohan,

            We have finally got around to writing to you to thank you for organizing our trip to Sikkim in April.

            This trek has whetted our appetite for more. If you happen to be organizing a trek for the Easter school holidays next year to either the northern section of Sikkim, or Ladakh, please let us know.

            Thanks once again for the experience of a lifetime”

            - Paul and Margaret Naughtin.

            • “Dear Sheila and Mohan,

              I would like to thank you for all the wonderful hospitality in India and for looking after us so well.

              We had a lovely trip back on the train.

              Hope to do another trek this year. Perhaps in Nepal. Keep me on mailing list. I have been recommending you to all my friends.

              Best wishes”

              - Leigh and Geoff

              • “Hi Mohan

                Your newsletter just reminded us to thank you for the invite to the 21st celebration of The Trekking Company. It was good fun and we renewed acquaintance with several people from the trekking community we had not seen for some time and were also able to reassure others about the trekking experience. Now and again in Canberra we run into people who have been with you at some time and they all have positive memories as we have too (not that we are finished yet by any means!!)

                Our European trip seems to keep getting longer and will be about 3 months leaving in late April and getting back in late July. Looking forwrd to seeing you on our return.

                Best wishes”

                - Alan and Lorna

                • “Hello Mohan,

                  We visited Andrea yesterday, and saw her photos from their similar trek last April, and heard only good things about your organisation… it’s very exciting, as our turn draws nearer!”

                  - Julie

                  • “Dear Mohan and Sheila,

                    What an absolutely fabulous and magical time I have had on trek in Bhutan and Sikkim. Everything about the experience was just perfect and I want to thank you both so much for all you did to make that possible.

                    Anyway, just quickly wanted to thank you and let you know what a great time I had in the mountains (definitely the high point of my trip so far!) but will be coming into the office when i return to canberra, can’t wait to see you then.

                    See you soon and hope you are both well and happy.

                    Lots of love”

                    - Caroline