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About Us

About Us

The Trekking Company is a family owned and operated Adventure Travel Company that we established in Canberra, Australia in 1988. Our aim is to organise small independent groups to travel in an informal and friendly style to the Himalaya, parts of Asia and South America.

Since the early 1960′s I have been trekking in different regions of the Himalaya including The Western Himalaya including Ladakh and K2, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan, Tibet and parts of South America including Patagonia, Peru and Bolivia and of course in Europe. I continue to travel through Asia including, China, Vietnam and India and go bush walking in Australia and tramping in New Zealand. The trips have always been fun, not only because I enjoy walking amongst spectacular mountains but also being amongst people who are hospitable and friendly. I have used my travel experiences to put together trips that have proved to be happy experiences for the people who travel with us. I continue to trek to new destinations and revisit some of my old favourite trails.

- Mohan D. Pradhan

Sheila plays host to the majority of our guests in Nepal and India; shuttling between homes in Kathmandu and Darjeeling to ensure that all the small details that go to make up a smooth trip are in the right place at the right time. She loves people and takes a personal interest in the well being of everyone who travels with us. She has trekked and travelled in almost all the regions we operate trips to and likes nothing better than to relax from the management of treks by taking one of the treks she so capably organises for others. She often travels overseas to meet family and the new friends she has made on trek.

Even Sheila could not perform the miracles she does without the help of a friendly and reliable support team – many of whom have been associated with her for over 20 years. A key person in the support team is Sanjoy who looks after our activities in the plains of India. There is not much glamour in buying train tickets, organising reliable road transport or getting confirmed internal airline flights in India, sometimes at very short notice. Sanjoy manages these chores with ease.

Another two key support members, many would say, the key support staff, are our principal trek leaders, Sunder and Wangchuk Sherpa. We would not like to guess how many kilometres these two walk each year but whether it is saying slowly, slowly! as they show first time trekkers the easiest way to climb a steep scree slope or sitting beside a camp fire swapping stories with an experienced trekker, you will find they are excellent company and guides on your trek.

In addition, there is a team of cooks, kitchen hands and camp staff that make travelling with The Trekking Company a fun experience.

Our aim is to remain a friendly organisation that caters to small groups of discerning adventure travellers, who respect local culture and prefer to travel the less travelled path. The Trekking Company is a licensed travel agency and is a member of the Travel Compensation Fund.

Apology: One of the great challenges I have is writing. i.e. for the web, brochures, trips notes etc. I had a choice of either getting the writing done professionally – or doing it myself. I decided to do it myself – so if there are mistakes in my grammar, spelling etc., please try and understand. I speak five languages as most of the above do – and what seems to sound perfect in one language does not quite sound the same in another. I just hope you get the message that I am trying to get across.