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Come and explore a spectacular and culturally fascinating world with us. Since 1988 we have been organising small trekking groups to some of the most beautiful and culturally fascinating parts of the world. We are a family owned specialist trekking company. We operate an informal and friendly organisation. Those who travel with us do so regularly and as a result we are continually finding new destinations to trek / travel. We operate treks in the more remote regions of the Himalaya, South America, and Africa and often combine a trek with a non trekking holiday.

We offer private trips where we use our expertise to plan a trip that suits you – even if it does not involve trekking! We are based in Canberra Australia with an office in the Himalaya.

Email us at trekking@trekking.com.au for information.

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Bhutan & Darjeeling

Our favourite trek in Bhutan is to Chomolhari. Its a lovely trek that takes you through pristine forests and high mountain passes. At the time the mountain passes get snowed in and we cannot region - we stay in comfortable hotels in different regions of the country and do day walks. We combine this trek with one in the Darjeeling region - from where you have a panoramic view of 4 of the 5 highest mountains in the world. If you so wish, you can choose to do only one of the two treks.


We trek in the National Parks of Fitzroy and Paine in Argentina and Chile. We explore the beautiful lakes of Bariloche and take a boat on Beagle Channel. What makes this trip so special is that we trek in the day in the most exciting environment and coming back to a comfortable hotel for a hot bath, comfortable bed and a superb meal!
Mongolia with Ladakh

Mongolia with Ladakh

We have timed our trek / tour in Mongolia to join the locals in the celebrations of their main festival, where they display their prowess in riding, archery and wrestling. Soon after we head of for a trek in lush green hills and valleys where we are likely to meet friendly nomads and enjoy their hospitality. The next section of this trip takes you to Ladakh in India where you find 1000 year old Buddhist monasteries and in contrast trek in dry terrain. It is amazing that the trade route along the silk route from Mongolia got as far as here. You can still see some of the double humped camels whose ancestors walked this trail. If you wish to - you can choose to do just one of the two sections of this trip.
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